Content Marketing for Healthcare & Marketing Brands

Content Marketing Services for Healthcare and Marketing Brands

Marketing online today is, well, complicated, to say the least. As a marketing leader, it’s likely that your budgets are tighter and time is shorter than ever. Maybe you can relate.

That’s why I work with healthcare and marketing companies to make digital marketing a little less complicated. And, just make it work better. I love to help companies like yours succeed, —- and grow — through more effective use of content marketing strategy, copywriting, SEO and social media.

A little background…

cropped-stevesonn02My name is Steve Sonn. I have extensive (and successful) content marketing experience. In business-to-business (B2B) I’ve got experience in Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), Health Information Technology (HIT) and Health Information Management (HIM).

I also have success working with healthcare service providers, as well as professional marketing groups.

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