The Power of Benefits Advertising

Have you seen a print ad recently?  I know, there aren’t as many of them these days.  Still, I think there can be a place for them in the marketing mix.  The problem, however, is that too many print ads are ineffective because they fail to clearly communicate benefits.

What we see in many ads is simply a list of features.  Our product does X, includes Y and even comes with Z.  It’s nice information to be aware of, but doesn’t in most cases compel the consumer to act.  Features focus on me.  Where the focus really needs to be is on you.

As simply and succinctly as possible, we as marketers must explain the benefits of our products or services.  As a consumer, I’m really not interested in learning about you or your company.  What I’m interested in learning about is how you can help me.  Can you solve a problem I have?  Can you improve my life in some way?  Will you provide something I need that I currently lack?  If so, I’m in.  The more you demonstrate benefit, the more you have my attention and interest.

Making the time to understand the customer and what his or her needs are is critical.  If I can meet those needs, I’m providing benefit.  If I can do that, regardless of the features of my product or service, my advertising just got a whole lot better.

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