Impact Picks – Week of March 7, 2011

6 Tools to Measure Your Personal Branding Efforts

Analyzing your company’s online efforts is important. But what about your personal branding? Knowing whether you’re effectively promoting yourself is also important. Here are six tools that can give you a start at measuring your online influence.

Becoming a Conscious Written Communicator

Content today is developed and delivered with amazing speed. Sometimes, it can be too fast. Everyone appreciates the ease with which information can be published, but when it comes to our written communication we must assess our message and its impact if we are to be an effective communicator. This post includes practical questions to ask that will help ensure your written messages, whether a tweet or blog post, are as successful as possible.

Eight Questions Marketers Should Ask Before Starting a Location-based Effort

Location-based services (LBS) offer unique ways to connect with a broad range of people who are displaying intent (to purchase, attend, dine, travel, etc.), but with some very distinct parameters. It is the ultimate in permission-based marketing. But before marketers and agencies check in to an LBS strategy, here are eight questions to ask first.

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