Social Media Marketing: Where’s Your Plan?

If you’ve been disappointed in your social media marketing efforts or are just getting started in social media, do you have a social media marketing plan? If not, time to get started developing one. It doesn’t have to be a novel, but it will require some analysis and critical thinking. Getting your plan in place will go a long way toward ensuring success in social media, and not having a plan will mean that your social media marketing efforts will not reach their fullest potential.

As you start developing your social media marketing plan, make sure you include these sections:

  1. Summary: Define your current situation clearly. Are you beginning in social media? What obstacles are you facing? Have you had success in certain areas thus far? Think of anything pertinent that you can include in this section so you and anyone reading your plan have a clear understanding of your current social media marketing environment.
  2. Platforms: List the social media platforms you are on currently and the ones you hope to start on soon.
  3. Competitive analysis: What has your competition been doing on social media? Do they appear to be successful? What do they seem to be doing well, and where might they be struggling?
  4. Content strategy: What type of content will you develop? Will it be your original content? Will you share other content? Remember that you will need some flexibility in this area to respond to how others interact with you.
  5. Engagement strategy: Will you be engaging with others on social media, or merely trying to serve as a resource? Will you use social media for customer
    service issues? It’s important to clearly define how you will interact and
    what you will be sharing online. How will you accomplish these options?
    Clearly define what you’re willing to do and not willing to do so that
    you’re consistent in your approach and others know what to expect from you.
  6. Tactics: Will you be running social media promotions? Implementing new
    applications? Covering or sponsoring events? If you’re planning special
    tactics make sure to define them and when they will take place.
  7. Resources: What budget will you need to be successful? How many staff members will be required? This is critical to define so that you won’t have to halt your plans before they are fully implemented.
  8. Goals: Develop several clearly defined goals. Make sure they are realistic and attainable. Also make sure that they are easily measureable.

Do you have your social media marketing plan in place? If not, you need one. Commit to developing a new plan at least on a yearly basis. It’s a foundational step that will help lay the groundwork for your success in social media marketing for years to come.

What do you think? How have you planned for success in social media marketing?

Author: Steve Sonn

Steve Sonn is the Principal of S2 Marketing Communications. He has more than 25 years of marketing and PR experience with health care and business-to-business companies.

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