The Lost Art of Attention in Advertising

The pace continues to quicken. The speed of information dissemination shows no signs of slowing down. Whether it’s the internet, social media, email, television, radio, outdoor, print and every other possible communication vehicle, it’s becoming ever more challenging to capture consumer attention. Without their attention, there’s no hope of any successful marketing.

Given our information overloaded society, what does a marketer need to do to break through the clutter and stand out in an increasingly noisy society?

Creativity is critical now more than ever. What worked in the past doesn’t anymore, or won’t for much longer. Old practices need to be retired. It’s time for something new. We must be committed to finding what hasn’t been done before. The same old, same old stands no chance today. Consumers must be delivered the unexpected if we expect to get their attention.

What the unexpected looks like will vary from situation to situation. And, it will likely take several attempts to get it right. It must be done, however, if we hope to attract attention. Clearly, more of the same is not an option.

What do you think?

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