Twitter Unveils New Promoted Tweets

Twitter announced that it will begin an expansion of its Promoted Tweets program. Some promoted tweets will begin appearing in user timelines over the next few weeks. Users must be a follower of the brand for these tweets to appear in their timeline. Previously, promoted tweets appeared only in Twitter search.

This expansion represents a “win-win” for brands and their followers.

Brand benefits include:

  • Increased awareness for key messages
  • More opportunity for engagement
  • More effective product promotions
  • Better demonstration of ROI
  • Expanded presence on Twitter

Follower benefits include:

  • Greater ease in tracking brand messages
  • Quicker response to offers and promotions
  • Increased awareness of their favorite brands

For those users who may not want promoted tweets in their timelines, they can quickly click the message away.

Several brands have used advertising to grow their social outposts. The new promoted tweets option looks like another opportunity to continue that trend.

What do you think?

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