Quantity vs. Quality: Content

Have you noticed there’s no shortage of information these days? The speed at which content is developed and disseminated is truly amazing. But just because content can be published early and often, should it?

It is important for individuals and businesses that are serious about content marketing to publish frequently. However, becoming enslaved to an overaggressive production schedule has the very real potential to lead to a quality problem. Make no mistake; poor content is worse than no content.

Poor content is not helpful. It raises questions about the overall quality of the publisher. It sends people to other sources (perhaps competitors). It tarnishes reputations. Simply put, this type of content is better left unpublished.

If you produce content for personal or marketing purposes, seek a healthy balance between quantity and quality. How frequently you can publish and still maintain a minimum level of quality is a question only you can answer. But don’t feel pressured to circulate content before it’s ready. It’s okay to wait. Better quality content pays more dividends in the end. It has more impact and gets shared. Make certain to take the extra time and put forth the extra effort to ensure value and quality mark the content you develop.

How do you balance content quantity vs. quality?

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