Picking Sides

It seems to be human nature to want to pick sides. I was reminded of that again this week when I noticed the Facebook versus Google+ debate heating up again. The launch of business pages on Google+ has beckoned advocates on both sides back into the ring.

I read one well reasoned and written post that predicted Google+ will be a dismal failure after one or two more years. I also read an equally well-developed post that outlined why Google+ will be a great success and a real threat to Facebook. Who’s right?

Just as interesting were the comments under each post. One person after another vehemently stating why one platform is better than the other and predicting success or failure based on their opinions.

Ultimately, nobody really knows what will happen to Facebook or Google+ in the long run. Both platforms are similar in some ways and different in others. Both have good features and benefits as well their fair share of drawbacks, whether for business or personal use.

Here’s the important question: Isn’t there room for both?

I know my answer.


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