Managing Brand Risk Posed By Social Media Proliferation

A very insightful Altimeter Group report released this week indicated that the average company with more than 1,000 employees has 178 social media accounts across all channels. Fewer than half of those companies had a coordinated approach to social media deployment across the organization. This poses a huge risk for those companies and should be a call to action for companies of all sizes to coordinate their social media while aggressively managing their tactics in this area.

Here are the dangers when social media proliferation is fragmented and lacks coordination:

  • Inconsistent customer experience
  • Lack of account monitoring
  • Increased legal and compliance risks
  • Slow response to issue management

The current dilemma of lack of social media coordination opens the door to agencies like Edelman and Weber Shandwick to provide larger community management services. Small boutique agencies can also assist with ongoing social media engagement activities.

Altimeter Group stressed that companies must treat social as a business process. Specific recommendations also include:

  • Set business goals and strategy related to social
  • Conduct an audit of current assets and accounts
  • Map permissions and document workflow
  • Adoption of a social media management system

Takeaway: It’s critical that as social begins to scale in an organization that processes are formalized. Outline what will be done, how, where and who will be involved. The strategy can change with more experience and insights, but it is very important to have it in place, especially with increased proliferation.

What do you think?


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