On Being a Social Business

Social businesses enjoy distinct advantages in this era of social media growth. If one of the goals of your business or brand is to become more social, it starts with realizing that social is more a state of a being than campaigns or a list of tactics. Social should really be ingrained into the fabric of the organization. Put simply, social should be what you are as an organization.

Once you’ve made the commitment to social as a state of being, what does that look like? Consider these characteristics of a social business.

Social businesses:

  • Are social by choice
  • Are not first and foremost concerned with ROI
  • Understand the benefits of being a social business
  • Have a culture that embraces change
  • Devote time and resources to being social
  • Look for new ways to develop social capabilities
  • Know that social extends beyond social media to all touch points
  • Make being social a priority
  • Evolve as they learn and become more social
  • Readily share content (theirs and others)
  • Identify the opportunities presented by social media technology
  • Have and nurture a commitment to community
  • Maintain openness and transparency as much as possible
  • Encourage employees to be social
  • Develop policies and practices that further develop a state of being social

Many more characteristics could be named, but those noted above would provide a solid foundation for a social business. What do you think? What would you add to the list?

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