Steve Sonn

With 20+ years in marketing, I’ve seen and solved just about every obstacle standing in the way of my clients and their goals …

Goals like more leads, better customer retention and increased revenue

That’s why I specialize in creating high-converting customer case studies. To help others reap the many benefits of conversion-focused customer success stories. 

As a marketing leader for more than two decades, I know the frustration that comes from vague and fluffy case studies that don’t tell the whole story and aren’t believable. Case studies like these don’t move the reader to take action and buy the product or service.

More leads. More buyers. More revenue… I’ve been where you are and know the pressure to produce is unrelenting.

The good news? All of the above is achievable with case studies that speak directly to the deepest thoughts, needs and desires of your ideal prospects.

A Proven Process for Higher Converting Case Studies

Here’s a typical problem I see with case studies. They simply end up being a laundry list of products or services provided. But a mere list falls far short of increasing conversions and sales.

On the other hand, well-crafted and high-converting case studies help move your prospect to ultimately become your customer.

For me, it all starts with the research phase. Through interviews with you and your happy customers, I learn what’s important to your prospects and the specifics of the success they achieved using your solution. 

The critical information will help prospects see themselves your current customers and drive them to want to buy from you. 

That’s why I do what I do — create case studies that contribute to reportable marketing success and measurable growth. 

I work hard to understand the products and services at the deepest level. This allows me to clearly and specifically translate how your customer has benefited from your offering, and how your product or service is different and better than other options on the market.  

Why I am Driven to Help Others Improve Their Marketing

As a former corporate marketing director, I love creating marketing that makes an impact on the bottom line and contributes to company growth. 

I help my clients compete and win in crowded and competitive industries, and experience the power of case studies that put your happy customer (and you) in the limelight. Case studies like these truly end up being a win for the customer and for you.

My clients can expect marketing case studies that don’t get ignored, but rather consumed and acted on. I am passionate about delivering case study copy that targets your prospects and customers and persuades them to respond or buy.

The Skinny on My Professional Background

  • My marketing work has earned more than 15 national and international awards for excellence and creativity in marketing communications. Your campaign is in the hands of someone who knows what excellence in marketing communications looks like. 
  • I’ve worked in marketing and PR leadership roles for several healthcare companies, from B2B services and technology companies to care providers. Your case study will be in the hands of someone who doesn’t need a warm-up period and can hit the ground running.
  • I’m active in the greater Chicago marketing community, having served in board and volunteer positions for area marketing and public relations associations, including the Chicago chapter of the American Marketing Association. I’m always on top of changes, trends, and cutting edge technology so that I can make knowledgeable recommendations to my clients.
  • My experience includes conversion copywriting, content marketing, SEO and social media strategy that has helped fuel dramatic growth, which allows me to recommend ways to seamlessly integrate case studies into your overall marketing tactics.

Let’s talk about creating some higher converting case studies for your business. Simply contact me with any questions or to schedule a 15-minute meeting about your next project.

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Steve Sonn
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Certified Case Study Writer and Consultant
S2 Marketing Communications