Content Marketing Services with a Focus on Impact, Results

The last thing you need is another marketing activity on your calendar. Content marketing, when not thought out and well planned, can be just that–another task to check off. Not surprisingly, a lack of clear business results often follows when this is the case.

I’m convinced, on the other hand, that content marketing can be powerful and effective. When it’s based on a sound strategy and well executed, that is.

That’s why I love working with growing healthcare and marketing companies that want to build or enhance their content marketing program. If that describes you, here’s how I can help…

Develop a Content Marketing Strategy–the Foundation

The starting point when it comes to content marketing…

I’ve developed strategies that have been successful in building awareness, preference and leads.

I can help you with:

  • A deeper (and documented) understanding of your ideal customer
  • Developing a unique value proposition that attracts your audience and customers
  • Conducting an audit of your current marketing and identifying opportunities to improve
  • Creating a customer relationship strategy for more loyalty and sales

Content Writing to Attract and Persuade

Once the foundation is laid, it’s time to execute. Content marketing is usually a significant commitment of time, especially when it comes to writing content.

I’ve got a varied and strong content writing background. Have a marketing and advertising topic you need writing on? I can handle it. Healthcare topic content writing can vary, depending on complexity. Or, I can work with your subject matter experts to develop the content.

I’d love to hear about your next long form, authoritative content piece like an eBook, guide, white paper, case study or even in-depth blog content (great for SEO, by the way).

Content Creation for Video, Audio and Other Media

These content forms are growing and offer great opportunities for marketers. I can certainly write the content to support these media choices. I’m also happy to work with your internal team or partners in the final production phase.

Let Customers Find You: SEO Content Strategy

Showing up on page one of Google usually doesn’t happen by accident. Landing on that coveted space requires deeply understanding your audience, producing strong content for them and then “helping” search engines to find and list you higher than your competitors.

I’m a certified SEO content strategist + copywriter, and can help you reach your SEO goals by:

  • Better outlining who your website content should be reaching, and their challenges, needs and interests
  • Conducting an analysis of your competitors to find opportunities for you
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • SEO content writing and copywriting
  • Identifying opportunities to build your online authority for higher rankings

Interested in a short, no-obligation chat about your content marketing needs?

Simply contact me and I’ll be in touch soon.