Get the results you want from your marketing campaigns with strategic copywriting that makes your offer stand apart

You put too much time and budget into your marketing not to get the highest return on investment, like more leads and sales.

But here’s the thing:

Even with outstanding products or services, if you use weak copy to promote them, you’re leaving some ROI on the table. Because, your prospects won’t fully understand what sets you apart, how your offerings are better than the competition and how doing business with you can solve their problems and improve their lives.

To help marketers get better results from their campaigns, I provide strategic message development and copywriting designed to connect with your ideal prospect, prove the unique benefits of your offer and increase leads and sales. The copy I can create is perfect for all marketing tactics, whether they be online or other mediums.

Marketing experience that can help transform your copy

  • My marketing work has earned more than 15 national and international awards for excellence and creativity in healthcare marketing communications. Your campaign is in the hands of someone who knows what excellence in marketing communications looks like.
  • I’ve worked in marketing and PR leadership roles for several healthcare companies, from B2B services and technology companies to healthcare providers. Your copy will be in the hands of someone who doesn’t need a warm-up period and can hit the ground running.
  • I’m active in the greater Chicago marketing community, having served in board and volunteer positions for area marketing and public relations associations, including the Chicago chapter of the American Marketing Association. I’m always on top of changes, trends, and innovative technology so that I can make knowledgeable recommendations to my clients.
  • My experience includes conversion copywriting, content marketing, SEO and social media strategy that has helped fuel dramatic growth, which allows me to recommend ways to seamlessly integrate persuasive copy into your overall marketing campaigns.

My research-driven copywriting process helps ensure better results

Great copy starts with a complete understanding of the ideal prospects.

I immerse myself in your prospect research and in many cases conduct my own. This includes determining the prospect’s needs, wants and desires. It also includes uncovering the precise words and phrases that should appear on screen or on the page. This helps signal to potential buyers that you understand them and increases the likelihood they’ll want to work with you.

From there, I research your products or services, including features, benefits and how it improves the lives of your prospects.

Lastly, I research your top competitors so that you can differentiate and become the obvious choice for all your ideal prospects.

My offer to you: Let’s discuss your marketing and copy needs

Contact me and we can quickly arrange a meeting to talk about your marketing. When we meet, you’ll be able to share your specific marketing project details.

I’ll also be happy to offer suggestions for challenges you may be facing, answer any questions you have about me and we can discuss how we can work together. 

Simply contact me and I’ll be in touch soon about scheduling our no-obligation meeting.