Managing Brand Risk Posed By Social Media Proliferation

A very insightful Altimeter Group report released this week indicated that the average company with more than 1,000 employees has 178 social media accounts across all channels. Fewer than half of those companies had a coordinated approach to social media deployment across the organization. This poses a huge risk for those companies and should be… Read More

Taking Action

Sometimes, too much of a good thing ultimately becomes a bad thing. Take for instance the explosion of information at our fingertips in the digital age. Limitless instructions and opinions about virtually any topic are available through a quick search. While this is very convenient and helpful, it can also present some unique challenges. I’m… Read More

Blogging: How to Write a Great Lead

Ever talk with someone that rambles on and never really seems to get to the point? It can be a frustrating experience. We need things summarized for us early on so that we know the path we’re heading down and what to expect. The fact of the matter is that too many blog posts violate… Read More