Who Should Manage Social Media for an Organization?

Since many organizations lack the resources to hire dedicated social media professionals, I see this question quite frequently. I don’t think the answer is as straightforward as some would say, but for sure there at least are several guiding principles to consider for anyone making this decision. Internal vs. External First and foremost, if at… Read More

Who Defines the Brand?

Does the age of social media and connectivity spell the end of “branding?” Many people claim this is the case. In reality, it’s not true. Social media does present some unique challenges to brands. People can complain publicly when expectations are not met. These complaints, if they persist and spread, can also damage a brand.… Read More

Extreme Brand Makeover: Three Key Elements

For some companies, rebranding is a smart move and it’s usually clear to see that it’s needed. For other companies, the decision to rebrand or to stand pat isn’t as clear. I think too many companies may be jumping the rebranding gun when they don’t really need to. Whether it’s needed or not needed put… Read More