Social Media Fatigue and the Desire to Engage

I’ve been seeing the term “social media fatigue” quite often lately. It’s really a curious term because social media doesn’t seem on the surface to be particularly “fatiguing.” I do certainly understand it however and believe I’ve felt this fatigue from time to time. No one likes to feel fatigued, so I think it’s important… Read More

Your Brand in a “Search plus Your World” Economy

In a sign that the gloves may be off between the major social networks, Google announced the launch of “Search plus Your World.” The new search feature integrates social results with “organic” search results. Although there has been much debate already about whether Google is monopolizing its dominant position in the search market, there is… Read More

16 Digital Marketing Insights

I recently attended “The Digital Media Roadmap: Are You Off-Roading?” sponsored by the Chicago AMA and came away with some great digital marketing insights. I hope to utilize them in my own digital marketing endeavors and wanted to share them here. Speakers at the program were Larry Kramer, author of C-Scape: Conquer the Forces Changing… Read More